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Gold Metal Plating

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  • Gold Electroplating Electronic Products Electroplating

    Contact NowGold Electroplating Electronic Products ElectroplatingGold Electroplating Electronic products Electroplating Cu/Ep.Ni3Au0.05 At Description: Gold Electroplating Electronic products Electroplating provide 0.02-1μm gold plating of any thickness of more than 24K gold coating, color uniformity. Coating good ductility, easy polishing, high temperature,...Read More

  • Gold Electroplating RF Connector Electroplating

    Contact NowGold Electroplating RF Connector ElectroplatingCu/Ep.Cu1Au0.3 At Cu/Ep.Cu1Ag3Au0.2 At description: Aureate Stone Electroplating with its mature Gold Electroplating RF Connector Electroplating production process, advanced production equipment and standard testing methods, and to the basis of environmental protection plating plating for the RF...Read More

  • Gold Electroplating Connectors

    Contact NowGold Electroplating ConnectorsGold Electroplating Connectors Brass Substrate/Electroplating. Cu/Ep.Ni3Au0.1 At Anti-discoloration treatment Cu/Ep.Ni3Au0.03 At Description: Gold Electroplating Connectors, the number of high-mating and more electronic products, are generally required in the RF connector surface gold-plated,...Read More